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Survey Types

Pre-Purchase Survey

This type of survey is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. Condition and overall operation should be examined, including all vessel systems, structural integrity, and overall maintenance. A sea trial should be considered to evaluate the engine and power train performance.

Condition and Value Survey

This survey is performed so the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. Structural integrity, safety for intended use, and an appraisal of the fair market value are the considerations.

Damage Survey

This type of survey is usually ordered by an insurance company after damage has occurred to a vessel. The surveyor will assess the extent of damage and make determinations as to the cause and origin of damage.

Contract On/Off Survey

This survey is for our commercial customers who need inspections on barges and equipment before and after the contract time period.

Drive By

This survey is for those situations where a vessels' cost makes it prohibitive to perform a full prepurchase survey. When contracted for this type of survey, we will visit the vessel, check for general condition, and report, verbally, before a client makes the commitment to conduct a full survey.


  • Surveys (pre-purchase, condition and value, damage, contract on/off, drive by, etc.)
  • Insurance claims
  • Repair monitoring
  • Maintenance reviews
  • Witness testimonies
  • Work orders
  • Refit, repower, and repair consultation

Consulting Services

There are many circumstances when a survey may not be what you need. This is where the consulting part of our business may benefit a vessel owner. Gulf of Maine Boat Surveyors and Marine Consultants can tailor our services. With our solid background in vessel operation, construction, and repair we can address issues and problems that surveying alone does not cover.

Consulting services often include refitting, repowering, or major systems repair. We will work with the builder or repair facility to schedule visits and inspections at crucial points in the process. We then report back to you, with recommendations that may be necessary and/or approve the work to proceed.

Each individual client has different needs and expectations for their vessel. Before a refit, purchase, or construction commission, we offer advice and direction. Let us help you make this process an enjoyable and educational experience—not a headache!

For clients with insurance concerns, we offer damage appraisals and repair expense evaluations. We work closely with adjusters and claims representatives to properly assess the details of damage claims.

Gulf of Maine Boat Surveyors and Marine Consultants can provide expert witness testimony in arbitration and litigation cases. Our unique combination of training and experience positions us to be a valuable asset.



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